Animation has come up a lot recently. More and more companies seem to be leaning towards it instead of video. With the social distancing in place on video shoots, it’s a pretty smart option, but there are still some question marks around it and what it’s obvious benefits are.

It sounds expensive.

Yeah…and it can be, but then when a lot of people think about animation they immediately think about a Pixar or Disney feature film. There can be an initial outlay of cost but often companies haven’t built an animation before so don’t have on hand, assets that can immediately be animated. This means a new style has to be designed and then made to move. However, once you’ve made one animation, and want to do more in that style, you can recycle assets, backgrounds, characters etc making it cheaper and much more cost effective in the long term.

A perfect fit then.

It really can be. It’s fun, concise and with a proper structured narrative, you can really stand apart from the competition. Animation can work as just a one-off information piece, or as a series of narratives for your company. Nailing the script and keeping a concise style can really draw attention and more importantly keep retention to your website.

It’s a pretty smart option, but there are still some question marks around it and what its obvious benefits are.

We’ve been talking to a few clients recently about their products and what’s the best way to really tell the right story about what they do. They might have quite complicated products, IT software for example, but they want a way to explain the benefits in an engaging and exciting way, especially with the current economic situation meaning face to face meetings are a bust. Wrapping up so much information within a 90 second homepage explainer can be difficult, but what it does do, is give you much clearer and focussed thoughts to ensure your messaging is on point and relevant.

It also helps that our internal team of scriptwriters can fine tune this even further. Nudge Nudge, Wink wink.