Mango has been going for 6 years now. That time has flown by, and often I get stuck in such a headspace, that I never take time to reflect, but after successfully winning a recent project, one of our biggest, I drank a beer, then some more, and started reminiscing (much to my wife’s annoyance) and working out how, from a first job of laying out and formatting a word document in my parents study to where we are now. All whilst backed by some of the best renegade freelancers available.

Whoa…freelancers, so no-one’s actually employed?

In a word…no. From an early outset it became clear that to give Mango that edge, we had to be competitive with costs and to do that we had to keep overheads low. In the early days that meant using freelancers that we outsourced to help complete projects. Not the most ideal scenario, especially when an old client decided that they wanted to steal one of our network mid project, but one that we found, for the most part, worked. Freelancers seemed to like the flexibility of working with Mango on an ad-hoc basis whilst also being clear to pursue their own clients and projects.

Yeah, but you can just get anyone then.

We’ve actually met some companies who say they have someone in place, but the reality of finding that person was googling them and hoping they were available. Everyone that works at Mango has either been recommended by a fellow creative, who our CD Matt has worked with previously, or who he’s met or collaborated with personally, via networking for example.

Freelancers seemed to like the flexibility of regularly working with Mango on an ad-hoc basis whilst also being clear to pursue their own clients and projects.

It has taken six years to really establish a core group of people who make Mango tick and each one brings together a wealth of experience and knowledge to every project. There’s also no fixed office for Mango, everyone working on projects for us are based in their own comforts obviously. As we’ve witnessed over the past few months, this has been something of a trend and with the numerous options available for video conferencing and screen sharing, communication is not a problem. Although, we do miss the face to face.

So it seems to work?

It does for us, and I imagine the proper business savvy amongst you think this a terrible model, but we’ve been pretty open about how we work from day one. Most of our clients and recommendations come direct from our Creative Director Matt and nothing leaves the door without his approval. If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s to find a format that works for you. As a team of established freelancers, working at home and to our own schedules, suits us immensely. Meaning your projects, designs and proposals come from a calm, creative and above all…happy place.

Find out more about us, what we can do, and who these mavericks are via our services page.