After the success of the 2019 Sustainability Survey, Mango worked in partnership with Euromoney Magazine to uplift the 2020 findings into an interactive, online microsite. Using the content as a guide, our team of developers and designers produced a digital platform that not only integrated the content from the data online, but also bought that same data to life with embedded interactive dashboard hubs that allowed the user to interrogate that information in a way that could never be achieved with a print report. Despite initial challenges navigating strict firewalls, the end result was a fully customised CMS, with a simple, user-friendly backend that allows journalists and marketeers to upload, review and remove content as they want. A challenging piece of work, but one where, as a team, ultimately we could look back at each challenge and feel like we met it head on to produce an excellent piece of collaborative work.

ClientHSBC | EuromoneyServicesArt Direction, Design, Web

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