As the founder of my brand design agency, I have the privilege working in a dynamic and diverse environment, and my team and I thrive on the range of work we undertake every day.

From collaborating with small local businesses, to partnering with global corporate brands, the life of a designer combines creativity, challenges, and meaningful connections.

The day kicks off with a burst of energy, generally fuelled by a cup of coffee from a local indie coffeeshop. Some of our work is for local or smaller businesses and these projects are like hidden gems, with each client bringing a unique story to the table. From the delicious bakery on the corner to the startup mortgage broker down the street, our designers love the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local area, get to know the business and it’s values, and then translate this into a visually stunning brand identity.

As the day progresses, our team may move onto other work – collaborating with some of our larger clients with several stakeholders in the marketing teams, and contacts in various markets. Whether working on a brand refresh, event branding, or a financial report, the team usually have to communicate with various individuals, navigate cultural nuances and factor in company guidelines. There is skill to being creative while maintaining the overall identity.

In the afternoon, our team are scheduling time to script, record and edit content, making appointments with new potential clients, and gaining approval on reports and custom animations in order to get content live.

We build long-lasting and trusted relationships with our clients and that’s why many have been with us for years. We want to be part of the journey and continually help brands grow and evolve.

No day is the same, but we hope this gives you a flavour of the work we do and how we help our client’s brands thrive.