More and more companies are waking up to the possibilities presented by animations. Eye-catching and intriguing, animations can simultaneously inform, inspire and entertain. They can help you tell your story. They can boost confidence in your brand. And they can also provide you with a faster and more impactful way of getting your message across to the people that matter.

With over a decade of experience in the design industry, and boasting a varied portfolio that’s seen them work for all kinds of companies and creative visionaries, the team here at Mango Design have extensive experience in crafting vibrant animations for any purpose.

Browse the web nowadays and you’re likely to come across all kinds of promotional content. Words certainly push users along the buying cycle, but it’s the visual elements of a page that are going to make or break the sale.

When you add an animation to your website, blog or training materials, you’re not only leaving a more permanent impression in the minds of your audience – you’re boosting their engagement and enjoyment of your content, and you’re providing them with a much more satisfying experience.

A big part of our job is to identify the kind of animation style that’s going to suit your brand’s personality. We need to hone in on the right emotional tone for your content, and decide which type of animation is likely to bring you the best return on your investment.

Maybe a fun, informal animated film will help you apart from your competition. Perhaps you’d benefit more from a more structured narrative that could be used to train staff or provide instructions to customers. You could even have a fantastic idea for a character animation, or a clear vision for an animated brand ambassador, but you just be looking for someone to help you bring your ideas to life. Whatever you need, we’re pretty sure we’re the team for the job.

The experts at our Essex-based animation company can help you sift through all of the options available to you and settle on an animation concept that matches your brand ethos and meets all of your objectives.

Contact Mango Design in Essex for more information on how we can use animation to shape and enhance your online marketing campaign. We also offer corporate video production services.

Video is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available. Videos are better for recall, they are infinitely more persuasive, and search engines love them!

Not only do animations increase awareness, they are also more effective. In fact, animated videos have been found to increase web conversions by 30%.

It doesn’t matter if you need a poster or an annual report – getting your print job right is important. Mango Design prints everything from the simple to the obscene.

A website is more than just your online shop window. Our designers are here to create a beautiful, professional-looking platform that will deliver a fantastic ROI.

Our highly experienced digital marketers are here to develop a watertight strategy that will help you hit the mark with your online audience, every time.

If it’s our own creation or working from existing brand guidelines, our wealth of experience ensures integrity and strength are retained no matter what is thrown at it.