The term ‘digital marketing’ is pretty ambiguous. It refers to a huge range of different approaches that can be used to increase your online exposure – but if you’re not familiar with the latest tools and techniques, knowing where to start can be tricky (not to mention expensive).

Mango’s expertise lies in delivering a solid digital marketing strategy that will help you become the online digital advertising business you want to be.

Using our experience in SEO, paid search, eMarketing, social media, eCommerce strategy development and more, we’ll pick and choose the right tools from all of the amazing technology that’s available to us to make sure your brand is slap bang in front of the people who are most likely to buy from you.

It’s important that you work with the right digital marketing services agency from day one. If you’re not 100% convinced that the company you’re working with has the skills, the experience and the vision to deliver tangible results, look elsewhere. Poor strategy management can have a huge impact on the long term success of your digital marketing campaign, and we’re probably right in thinking that you don’t have time to waste when it comes to growing your company!

You know you’re working with a great digital marketing agency when you feel like your campaign is getting the love and attention it deserves. You’ll quickly notice that you’re working with a team that’s proactive, not reactive. You’ll be bombarded with lots of new and interesting ideas, you’ll be communicating with the person who’s heading up your strategy on a regular basis, and you’ll be learning something new about the digital industry every single day. You won’t feel lost, you won’t be confused, and you’ll have a clear idea of where your digital marketing campaign is headed.

It also makes sense to work with a digital marketing company that has a strong background in graphic design. This is because a lot of the content that will need to be produced for use within your campaign will be more effective if it is professionally branded and carefully considered. This is where a lot of other digital marketing agencies fall short – they know where to go for great results, but they don’t have the design know-how to make a splash.

Mango Design is a design agency by name, but a marketing company powerhouse by nature. Contact us today to discover why the bespoke solutions offered by our digital marketing agency in Essex are a cut above the rest.

Video is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available. Videos are better for recall, they are infinitely more persuasive, and search engines love them!

Not only do animations increase awareness, they are also more effective. In fact, animated videos have been found to increase web conversions by 30%.

It doesn’t matter if you need a poster or an annual report – getting your print job right is important. Mango Design prints everything from the simple to the obscene.

A website is more than just your online shop window. Our designers are here to create a beautiful, professional-looking platform that will deliver a fantastic ROI.

Our highly experienced digital marketers are here to develop a watertight strategy that will help you hit the mark with your online audience, every time.

If it’s our own creation or working from existing brand guidelines, our wealth of experience ensures integrity and strength are retained no matter what is thrown at it.