Ugly, clunky and often downright inappropriate branding can cause a great deal of damage to your company image. Whether it’s just a simple set of business cards to an all singing brochure design, don’t let amateur brand design ruin all of the hard work you’ve put into building your business.

Take advantage of the expert branding services on offer from Mango. Taking all of your ideas on board, we’ll leave you with a strong, striking brand presence that will truly set you apart from the competition, regardless of the industry you’re in.

To create the best possible brand identity, we need to consider everything from your preferred colour palette all the way through to choosing the right photography. But the process will usually start with your logo design.

This is because you only have a fraction of a second to convince your audience that you are the right company for them, and initially, your potential customers will look to your logo for assurance that you’re a professional, credible business.

Designing the right logo and rebranding can take time and exploration. Our team will never rush this important process. We’ll come up with a variety of different concepts until we’ve found a design that perfectly fits your brief. Sometimes, we can’t quite put our finger on what works – it’ll be a real lightning-bolt moment for all of us.

Vital as it is, designing your logo is only the first step in creating your brand identity, however. It doesn’t matter if we’re creating a brand from scratch or refreshing an existing look – there’s a lot to consider, which is why we’re always happy to sit down with our clients for a brainstorming session at the very start of their branding project. We want to get a real feel for what you stand for, and we can only do that by spending time with you and talking through your likes, dislikes and overall vision to create your brand strategy.

We won’t work from templates – we’ll create your logo and all of your brand elements from scratch. Once we’ve come up with a logo design that’s clean, eye-catching and connected with your company’s ethos, we’ll then build on this basic concept to come up with brand guidelines that will form the foundations of all of your online and offline communications. These guidelines can be shared with everyone who is working with you, internally and externally, to make sure that you’re sending out a consistent image across all of your marketing channels.

Interested in learning more about our business branding services in Essex? Contact Mango to be your branding agency today. We’d love to discuss ideas for your next project.

Video is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available. Videos are better for recall, they are infinitely more persuasive, and search engines love them!

Not only do animations increase awareness, they are also more effective. In fact, animated videos have been found to increase web conversions by 30%.

It doesn’t matter if you need a poster or an annual report – getting your print job right is important. Mango Design prints everything from the simple to the obscene.

A website is more than just your online shop window. Our designers are here to create a beautiful, professional-looking platform that will deliver a fantastic ROI.

Our highly experienced digital marketers are here to develop a watertight strategy that will help you hit the mark with your online audience, every time.

If it’s our own creation or working from existing brand guidelines, our wealth of experience ensures integrity and strength are retained no matter what is thrown at it.