Canva has become a favourite tool for marketing teams far and wide, and boasting over 120 million global users, it’s making a dent in the world of graphic design. 

If you haven’t used Canva before it’s an online graphic design tool that puts an emphasis on pre-designed templates but it also enables those with even the light design skills to create images and videos that are professional looking and slick. 

While most designers use Photoshop or the equivalents to produce unique work, Canva certainly has a place and its latest A.I. tools, launched this week, are offering even more opportunities to create rich formats and engaging content.

So what’s new and what do we think are stand-out features?

  • Brand Kit is a great resource to ensure consistency. You can centralise your brand assets including the logos, colours, fonts, and imagery to make it easy to produce consistent and impactful content

  • Magic Edit is a really quick and easy way of switching up certain elements of an image. You can brush out one element and then choose what to replace it with. It works in seconds and it great for creative alternative versions of your product imagery

  • Text to Image is possibly the funniest tool. The world is your oyster – choose exactly what you want to see and hey presto. Dogs in party hats it is!

  • Magic Design has huge opportunities if you’re creating social media content and want more variations. Drag and drop a photo or logo and you’ll receive 8 recommendations

Remember most of these tools are in Beta but if you use Canva for work it’s worth having a play around.