If you know our team you’ll know our goal is to bring fresh vision to businesses and brands. We aim to please: both our clients and their ideal customers!

Keeping up to date with new trends, platforms, software and opportunities helps us provide an exceptional service to our customers, and so we’ve been researching some of the latest trends in design and branding for 2023. Take a look at the future:

1. Motion and Movement

As well as creative video content, brands are using motion and animation to give depth and personality to their visuals. Taking the essence of their visual identity and adding custom animation, motion graphics and some creativity, content is stopping users’ in their scroll and ensuring engagement will maintain in this world of algorithms

2. Bold and Retro

In 2022 we saw a 90’s revival which influenced not only music, fashion and hobbies, but also colour palettes and visual graphics. Brights, bolds, colour-clashing and going against the grain were embraced. Large elements, images and shapes are being added to branding (just take a look at our website); giving brands a confidence and captivating their customers.

3. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is taking a leap in 2023. ChatGPT has been at the forefront of industry news recently, giving users the chance to create content which is delivered as a result of machine-learning. Love it or suspicious of it, it’s a big step in consumer-facing AI. Equally as intriguing and controversial are AI Art Generators, which again allow users to by-step the traditional artists and create something bespoke and personalised.

In many ways we sense some nostalgia and colour for the year ahead, but there’s also an element of I-Robot in the periphery.

We’ll follow up at the end of 2023 and see if any of our work this year reflects these trends…